As a professional writer and researcher for over twenty years, I bring a lot to the bargaining table which might be of service to folks who have textual tasks with which they desire assistance.

book sq5I make a positive difference by helping clients to express themselves powerfully, clearly, logically, and factually. Whatever my clients’ purposes, I promise to help them achieve clearer thinking, more powerful text, and more impactful production, in every case that I take.

I specialize in bringing excellence to anything of a textual nature– for example, editing, proofreading, consulting on manuscripts already in progress, tutoring students in ESL, preparing students for various standardized tests, ghostwriting web copy or larger manuscripts.

I graduated from Harvard College in 1976, and pursued two Masters at University of Alabama shortly thereafter. I have done many things since then, including teaching ESL and college prep at a Hagwon, writing freelance copy for various publications, and doing radio and other electronic media work. Anyone wishing to look at an partial list of publishing credits can visit this link.

Picture 8My many years of teaching, reading, writing, and thinking about the written word have led me to develop my own curriculum and set of materials that, when taken seriously, guarantee lightning-fast learning of the English language. I use these materials, with great success, with a wide range of students. These I offer here as A Course in How to Think and How to Create – materials that fundamentally orient a student towards passing the more prevalent university-level exams, but which any pupil needing to improve any aspect of writing or gathering knowledge from written materials can use to great benefit.

Anyone interested in vastly improving their relationship with the English language can contact me via phone, email, or using the following contact form: