EDIT: Drafting, Rewriting, Editing and Proofreading

student writing armMany folks can get their ideas on paper but can’t grapple with the process of cleaning up and otherwise improving material. Nor do they flourish as copy editors or proofreaders, who unconditionally guarantee proper grammar and diction.

We strive to keep the tone and voice of the writer’s work, while adding useful insights into the narrative and creative process.

“Thanks for the awesome edit!” Liam

The advantages of having us work on more finished documents are many.

graphic edit009The cost is almost always lower The voice and tone of the work will always be more authentically the client’s own. The structure and shades of meaning will adhere more closely to what savvy customers know they want.

Nonetheless, whether extensive editing that improves and empowers style and content is essential, or merely the lightest proofer’s touch is necessary, just to make certain that no silly errors mar the final draft, we provide a range of help to satisfy any textual need.

Normally, our efforts fall into one of the following areas. graphic edit004

  • Brainstorming and drafting from outlines
  • Rewriting first and rough drafts
  • Final rewrites of later drafts
  • Complete editing for usage, style, and content
  • General editing for usage correction and style improvement
  • Copy editing for usage and fluidity
  • Copy editing for grammar and diction only
  • Proofreading already nearly perfect final drafts

If a customer’s difficulties don’t seem to fit in one of these categories, we can work on the basis of an original contract, tailored to individual needs, instead of applying a rate structure that accompanies our predetermined approaches.