FACT: Research + Rhetoric Equals Persuasion

book sq6In many academic and corporate environments, the ability to win contracts and achieve results depends on the capacity to convey data with grace and power, to include statistical and like information in packages both stylish and potent.

As journalists and investigators who are also entrepreneurs, we promise accuracy and engaging words: the customer’s ideas and positions as persuasively presented as possible.

The first issue is often research.

We have experience with various levels and types of discovery and investigation. The following list is just a sample of the sorts of work with which we help clients.

  • Expert and forensic interviews
  • Any legal research or drafting
  • Government document searches
  • Technical and academic abstracts
  • Survey design and administration
  • Skip tracing and other personnel location services
  • Statistical compilation and presentation
  • Biographical and background development
  • Subject and area searches and summaries
  • Demographic summaries and abstracts

tw bkThis list, although only partial, conveys our ability to take on any problem a client has with developing and communicating facts of any sort. We manage such a problem so that our customers receive graphic, potent, and accurate documents and media that serve their information needs.

Occasionally, folks require more than just the data in an attractive and effective package. Their demand is for the entire final report, the complete application, the finished monograph. When clients have such extensive needs, we are also available to shepherd them through whatever process is optimal to achieve a consummate text for their purposes.