FICTION: Maximum Story, Optimum Narrative

journal2From simple personal narratives that are the mainstay of all sorts of applications now, to sweet, hot letters for the lovelorn, to the screenplay or novel that has collected dust for far too long, we provide power and beauty on the page.

For any statement or story that serves a client, whether the context is school, professional ambition, or fame and fortune, we write the words that maximize the chances of success.

“Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. My story now will breathe” Wanda

Creative Prose presents the most delicate sorts of problems for the likes of us. Many writers abhor extensive critique, even when powerful work absolutely requires such no-nonsense notes.

paper typed055We combine a jolly general attitude with demonstrable expertise in style, story, character development, and structure in various forms and genres of writing.

If a scribe desires either a reality check about an idea or a level-headed evaluation of a treatment or draft, we offer a general extensive, or complete critique, depending on the writer’s needs and circumstances.

Despite the fierce personal attachment that creative writers often feel for their work, sometimes a storyteller just has to have help in drafting and rewriting such material.

Whether the bard in question is new to the craft or more akin to Shakespeare, we can help ground the unfocused or take the tentative writer to loftier heights.

We can work with any stylistic conventions from the most minimalist to the most graphic and literary.