HELP: “I Need It now!” Projects

watch sharpWhether the problem is the grant deadline that is about to slip past, or that dissertation research proposal which is due in a week, whether the context is business, educational, or personal matters not.

The last minute train wreck is merely another ‘leatherneck’ anecdote: “the merely difficult we can accomplish immediately; the impossible takes a little longer.”

“you are, simply, a life saver!
Those final edits really did it for me.” – Alicia D.,
Art History Major

Anyone who needs help immediately, or who has an impending hard deadline, can contact us in three ways.

1. She can send an e-mail to

2. He can submit information here, using our easy to follow form and instructions.

3. Everybody is welcome to call 404-944-9919 and leave a brief phone message that summarizes the situation and leaves call back and e-mail information.

We will never take more than a few hours to make a preliminary estimate of and proposal about the situation.