MEMO: Commerce: Products, Facts, & Processes

files squareMore than ever, commercial success depends on concise, accurate, and powerful prose.

Whether the need is for legal papers, a proposal, a prospectus, a simple memo or letter, or any other of the multitude of business needs for text, we deliver the punch and panache that permit our customers to reach core constituencies, new markets, or other collaborators who need to be a part of the informational loop.

“in a word – OUTSTANDING! Really nice work. We are thrilled.” – LADA

Instead of a paperless society, we have a world that text inundates. In this context, a business without the powerful capacity to communicate is bankrupt.

The following are a few of the textual products with which we regularly help.

      • Departmental memos and announcements.
      • Reports and updates.
      • Proposals, abstracts, outlines, square
      • Advertising copy, promotional journalism, biographies.
      • Web text of any kind.
      • Demand letters, marketing letters, any sort of business missive.
      • Evaluations, complaints, regular analysis of any sort.


If what a client needs does not appear above, we almost certainly have the experience and capacity to create it, whether the work in question is a legal memo or a scientific summary: so long as the point is business, rather than a professional purpose, we can help.

“It was great meeting with you. All I could think about afterwards was the conversation we had and how quickly you grasped the gist of it all.” – S. B.

headphonesAs well, we offer “corporate communication clinics” that can revolutionize moribund and intractable interactional styles that, for one reason or another, seem rife in today’s business environment.

If a leaner, cleaner, clearer, and more potent capacity to
contextualize and communicate were present in a given
organization, what would the benefits be?

A few obvious advantages include less redundancy, the need for fewer repeat performances, and more customer clarity. We can design a course of study and practice that can bring about these gains for any organization, affordably and quickly.